Repeating group dose not display images

the images dose show up but when I inspect it says they are there also I have a database question/I need help with
file upload error

the repeating group does not display images

Hi @silvianoea10,
you need to put an image element in the RG, it is not enough to tell Bubble that it is a list of images. Like so:


If you did the above, suggested by @hanan1 and it still doesn’t work it could be a loading issue. In bubble tutorials, there is a strategy that instead of having an image field in the data type, you have a link field that links to a datatype called “images”, then in the initial data type, link each record with the appropriate record from the new “images” data type.

Effectively, this turns an image field into a linked-to-another-data type field, which I think will help with rendering/loading or whatever the technical term would be.