Loading images from DB 'image list' field into repeating group loads nothing


I am new on bubble, so forgive me if this is very stupid question.

I playing around with bubble, and created a instgram type application. I am letting user upload and store multiple images in one post. but while showing it on wall, the images are not loading in repeating group of type image.

I have a repeating group loading images from mutiple file uploader which work perfectly fine.

This is how DB looks like -

This is how UI element looks like -

I also tried with slideshow plugin to show multiple images but that is not working either.

Any help is highly appreciated.


The issue here is with your data source. You need to specify which data will provide the images. It might be something like Do a Search for Images, or something like that. Right now, you are basically saying, “I want the source of data to be this cell’s data.”

postImage holds the image which is the in data source. I have given current posts postImage, which is list of image. Also, when the postImage which is list having only 1 image, it shows, but when i have 2 or more it does not show the images. :frowning:

Hi! @more.vijay04 did u sold the issue?
i have the same problem.
thks a lot!

Yes the issue is solved,

I changed the data source to image’s url.

Let me know if it still does not solve the issue.

Happy to help :slight_smile:

thks , but Nop, nothing work for mi. :confused:

this its exactly what I do, maybe can help:

  1. multi file uploader and RG show my upload files.

→ OK

  1. Data on tables
    → OK

but when i edit the thing…
the picture have broken link
the see link:

I make an inspect and the list its correct

but de image item don’t separe the images url

if upload 1 image it works.
if upload manually each image directly from the table it works

i don’t know if i make a mistake in the save process or its a plugin bugs. !

I hope u or @andrewgassen or anyone can help! thks a lot

It looks like it’s trying to load EVERY image URL in one image element. What is your data source for the repeating group?

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I have the same issue here, if someone could have the answer :slight_smile: Or do you figured out how to do it ?