Repeating Group Ext. Vert Scroll does not load additional items from API

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When connecting a repeating group to a Bubble table and using extended vertical scroll, the RG loads additional records as you scroll down. If the RG is getting data from an external API, and set to “ext. vertical scroll”, it loads an initial set of 50 records, but it will not get any additional records as you scroll down.

Is this a limitation, bug, or something I’m doing wrong?

It loads what you specify in the data source field. So your repeating group’s data source must have been sent to fetch 50 items.

When it’s disolaying things from the DB it’s a bit smarter and keeps loading more as needed

Any way to request more records from the API on scroll? Would prefer to use the ext. vertical scroll instead of building pagination.

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This is a good idea. It would need to be configurable though, there is no pagination standard across APIs. For example, Bubble’s Data API uses “cursor” where Stripe uses “ending_before” and “starting_after”.


Yes, I agree. Microsoft uses $top and oData.nextLinks to provide additional records.

I need this same thing. many APIs are paginated for e.g. 20 results on the first page, 20 on the second. So when the user gets to cell #20 in the RG (which is the 20th result of the API and the last of the APIs first page) load the 2nd page from the API and keep the initial 20 from the first page and give it a seemless look using Ext Vertical Scroll. I would love to see any tips on how I could do this.

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