Repeating group Ext scroll only loading 1 cell at a time

Not sure if this is a bug or not, but my RGs are only loading 1 cell at a time. Can’t get it to do more. Anyone else seeing this?

Edit: @emmanuel Have you guys received a bug report on this? Not sure if you’re already aware of it.


Hi @nnich19 :slight_smile: I’m not sure but I think how many load also has to do with how tall each cell is? Does this also happen in repeating group threads which don’t have the large images?

I created another page to test it again, this time only using a single text field in the RG.

It’s still doing the same thing, but I think I know what is causing it. It looks like the distance between the bottom of the RG and the bottom of the page dictates how many cells will be loaded.

So yeah, cell height definitely plays a role. When you have larger cells in an activity feed-style page, though, that really negatively impacts the user experience. In order to load 3-5 at a time, you’d have to leave an obscene amount of space between the RG and the footer.

Ah, right! I’m sure you’ve thought of this but in the editor, if you by default only set the repeating group to 1 row 1 column, ext. vertical scroll, to increase that distance, does it make a difference?

Yeah, I actually changed it to 2 rows, but it still only does one at a time. :slightly_frowning_face:

Ah gotcha, :confused: It might be my computer but it does seem like even with the 2 cells that it’s loading more slowly than expected - is the data source just using “Do a Search For” or is :filtered also being used?

It’s just a search with no criteria

We’re experiencing the same problem. The temp fix is to leave a huge white space at the bottom of the page, but once the user gets to bottom, they would be very confused.

Hopefully they’ll fix this soon!

Thanks! Glad I’m not the only one. I’ve tried leaving white space, but I’ve got pretty large cells (around 2300 px high with a bunch of collapsable elements), so that is really a ton of nothingness at the bottom. That, and I can’t seem to get it to fix itself with white space. Even left about 6000 px of the stuff, no dice.

Do we know if a bug report has been filed?

As a temporary measure, I’ve also messed around with having a group at the bottom of the page to allow for that white space, then collapsing it when the last cell has been loaded - something like “when x RepeatingGroup: is loading -> this group is visible”… No luck as of yet, though.

@emmanuel is this on Bubble’s radar? I can’t, for the life of me, figure out how to get my RG to load more than 1 cell at a time on Ext. Vertical Scroll.


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When I load i see 25 entries. What is the issue?

There are 39 entries. Scrolling down only loads one at a time.


Are you seeing the issue now? Scrolling down past 25 only loads one at a time. Thanks.

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