Repeating Group Filter removal

Hello I have used a repeating group of buttons (categories) to filter a repeating group of
topics beneath it. When I select a button, the group filters as required, but I am having an issue clearing the filter to return it to it’s original full list state. (should I use a button outside of the repeating group to do so, if so how would i set up the work flow for that).

Currently I have a custom state name Category filter that sends the sets the category name to the constraints of the repeating group search. That works fine. It the clearing or resetting of the search to reveal the initial full list again that I am struggling with. Any help that you guys can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @tph015888

I create a quick demo for your problem. (I hope I didn’t misunderstand your problem)
Please check it out.

Also, you can filter that repeating group with using a button inside of the repeating group.

Best, Batuhan

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That’s exactly what I am trying to do. What was the process to make that work

You can examine editor.

Basically, I used a state and a condition.

Also, I suggest you to check our two Free templates, Bubble Actions and Bubble Operators. With using these templates, you can speed up your development and might solve the problems quickly.

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Thank you! you saved me a ton of stress.

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