Repeating group gup between rows

Hi fellow Bubblers,

I have a question about repeating groups containing images. As you can see in the image, I am trying to curate images with adjustable element height by putting them in a repeating group. I get a gap between rows if an image is smaller than another one in the same row. What I would like to do is remove the gap and have the image on the next row display immediately after the one on the row above.

Any ideas about how this can be done?


Hi kostas,

never done this, but try nested repeating groups: the outer one with one row and four columns, and then inside each column a repeating group with one column and multiple lines. There is some forum activity on nested RG’s, google “ repeating group within repeating group”.

Another possibility is to use an HTML element, do some data preparation and calculate the image placement within the element.

Hope this helps, many regards, O.

The first method isn’t working. I m getting the same result as before. Times like this I wish I knew how to code in order to do the HTML method.

I think I figured out a different way to do it, by having 4 repeating groups in a row (with 1 column and multiple rows).

I m still struggling to figure out how each repeating group can only contain 1/4 of my database entries in random sorting, so that all repeating groups have the same amount of content and therefore number of rows. It is important that nothing is repeated.

Any ideas about how that could be done?

It looks like this:

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