Repeating group help

Hello Bubble users,

I am a little stuck on a functionality I am trying to build. First, some background…

In my app, professors create a ‘class’ ie Economics 105. While creating this class the professor creates a password that students later use to gain access to this class.

So, on the professor’s side, he/she would create new class> assign a title to class> assign a password for class. At this point, the class should appear on the professor’s homepage so that he/she can do various things

On the student’s side, they would enroll in new class> enter password. At this point, the class should appear on the student’s homepage so he/she can do various things.

On both the student and professor homepage, I have all active classes in a repeated group. For the professor, the list is all the classes he/she teaches and for the student, it is all the classes he/she is enrolled in.

So how can I structure my data to make this work? I am still very new to bubble and unsure how I should approach building this functionality.

Any help would be appreciated.

Just a question first: it might make sense to assign which users have access to a specific class, instead of password protecting each one of them. Could you make that change and still have the system work the way you want?

I have thought about this. If I am understanding your suggestion correctly, this would require the professor to white list every student email he wants to have access to his class. This may be a little too labor intensive as classes can have several hundred students.

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