Assign a teacher to a group of student

Hi all, I would like to have some advice regarding my app,

I want to create a booking system in which the manager could assign a teacher to a group of students, I know there are several ways in which it can be done, but I would like to have some advice on the best one.


Hi there, @danimarcoscarrion… the “best” way to do anything in Bubble is usually dependent upon a number of factors, all of which are pretty directly tied to the specifics of your app.

You mention a teacher and a group of students. So, that brings to mind the concept of a class. You could have a Class data type, and that data type could have fields that store the teacher and a list of students. If your app doesn’t require a class, then it could be as simple as a teacher having a list of students or a student being directly associated with a teacher.

Anyway, you probably get the point, and if you can provide more details about your app, I’m sure someone can help you head down a good path.


Thank you very much for your reply,

In addition to it, is there a possibility to assign to each of those student, a task for example, in order to display it in a repeating group as “Teacher” - “Student” - “Task”


Yes, that is very possible.

How could I do it? I´m a bit lost :wink:

As I mentioned in my first reply, it would be good if you could provide more details about your app. Can you describe an actual use case that is covered by the app? I mean, I get that there are teachers, students, and tasks, but understanding the relationships between those things and how they interact is pretty important when it comes to structuring your app’s data types.

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