Logic Puzzle: Unique items in repeating group

This has to be an easy one for a lot of you.

Let’s say you have the following data:

Category | Name
Fruit Apple
Fruit Banana
Fruit Pear
Car Honda
Car Toyota
Car Ford

(Category and Name are different fields)

You now want to make a repeating group that shows all the unique categories (in this case, “Fruit” and “Car”).

I’ve played around with “unique” in the data source window, but I only really want unique at the category level. How would I set this up?


Hi John,

Assuming the category field is a text field, you would want the type of content for the rg to be text.


The repeating group has a mix of text (the name of the category) and images (a corresponding logo).

make categories its own type

Very possible. Was aiming to avoid this path and have just a single type that holds both the category and base item. Makes data management considerably easier . . .

I still have to believe there is a way to do this without creating two data types to hold category and base item.

yeah there is, i just cant remember & im not by computer rn to test.
I think theres benefits from separating into types too.

Depends on what you are trying to display. You started by wanting the unique categories. A repeating group of type text, using unique elements will get you that. If you then want to display all the names for each category (like under a parent header) you can have a second repeating group with a constraint based on the category for the current cell.

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