Repeating Group IF Statement


I have a simple repeating group with two columns containing numbers.

In the third column of the repeating group I would like an IF Statement such as this:

If A <= B =Help

How do I implement this please!?

Your numbers in two columns will have texts that have some kind of dynamic expression to display the number.

Have a text in the third column and a conditional that when A =< B, text is Help.

It’s literally just as you said it :slight_smile:

Haha ok that sounds achievable, I shall give it a go!

Thanks for the reply

Apologies, I’m seemingly worse than anticipated at this!

I’m I required to create a custom state for the values in columns A and B?

As when I try to write a conditional statement it refers to their width and depth? Whilst giving me an option to create a custom state?

Thanks again

Hello can any one help on this? When I try to compare the two elements I just get a message about the width and depth and the possibility to add a new custom state.

From this point how can I run the IF Statement? I thought it would be as simple as comparing the output of one cell to the other.

Texts don’t have any variables to compare (other than width and height).

Your texts are likely dynamic expressions. You just need to compare these dynamic expressions e.g Only when Text A’s dynamic expression is Text B dynamic expression