Repeating Group Issue

Repeating Group Issue
I have a list of of record which has Tabs:
1 - All
2 - At Risk
in All Tab its show all the list its ok.
In Risk Tab i want to show only those record which below condition true:
I have two variable
1 - created date
2 - current date

Condition is:
if( (current date - created date) >= 10 Days )
Show only those record
Now I don’t know where and how i will apply above condition on Repeating Group.

The repeating group needs a list as its data source. Normally you get that list by running a search; where the results of the search become the data source.

Your description isn’t helpful, but most likely all you need to do is set the data source of your repeating group to a search for records, then add a condition, then pick field “creation date”, then “less than” (<) then create an expression "current date/time +days -10

Something like that.

The expression will evaluate to the current date time minus 10 days, so if the record’s creation date is smaller than the date 10 days ago it will show up in the search. Another way to phrase this is if the record’s creation date is only 5 days old, it’s still a bigger number than the date 10 days ago, so it won’t show up in the search.

Keep in mind that date fields always include time. Current date/time will always be the current date and time, and all of the creation dates will be date and time. So if someone creates a record at 2pm, it won’t show up in the “at risk” search until 2:01pm 10 days later; EXACTLY 10 days according to the clock, not the calendar. If you want 10 calendar days, you can manipulate the time using “change seconds/minutes/hours” of the current date/time before or after you add 10 negative days to it.

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