Repeating group date help

I want my repeating group to only show entries that correspond to the current date and 7 days into the future.

Also is there a way to search by multiple fields and have to results show on a repeating group?

Yes. Here’s how: In the “search for” add 2 conditions: 1) thing’s date > current date, 2) thing’s date < current date + 7 days.

Thank you! it works! I do not mean to be a bother but is there a way i can make a constraint to also show entries from 2 hours before the current date and time?

Yes, just substract 2 hours.

Awesome! Thank you so much.

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Another way to do this (in a single criteria) is with search criteria Advanced with an expression like:

This Thing’s date +days: 7 <- range -> This Thing’s date contains point Current date/time

Not sure which version performs better or if there’s any difference.

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