Repeating group last cell strange format


I’m very new to bubble, and a bit in web pages but i’m trying, i’m using a repeating group with 5 columns, put some images, labels, and stuff and looks like I wanted it to look but the last column gets a strange behaviour, I think it as to do with the scroll bar, but even when i leave a big space for that it still messes up everything in the last column :frowning:


Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!

Hey there :wave:

You should be able to fix this by putting all of those elements in one group then maybe making the group a fixed width if it looks good on mobile as well.

I would try that first to see if it helps. It’s all about responsiveness. :slight_smile:

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Hope that helps!

It works if I do a group by line, not one group for all, thanks!!!

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Perfect! Glad that helped! :slight_smile: