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Repeating group responsiveness on mobile

I’ve been looking throughout the forum, and I can’t find a solution on how to get repeating groups to be responsive on mobile

The repeating group with four yellow services does not expand in width when stretched out, but the repeatinggroup does, but it’s left blank on the right side.

I don’t have the group as fixed with either. The individual cells are not expanding for some reason.

People have been posting about responsiveness for repeating groups for years, but still no responses or solutions.


responsive rg

Is this what you are looking to do?

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I’m just trying to keep 4 flat across when stretched sideways. I’d like the yellow boxes to be evenly spread out.

The white boxes are a separate repeating group, the number of white boxes should be 8, but I’m not sure how it became 16. I have a fixed number of cells set to 2 rows and 4 columns.

Look at the datasource. It is probably returning results for a search that have 16 results. If you only want 8 you need to restrict the number of results in your search. Use :items until #8

This can be a real pain but is possible. I spent a bit of time doing it today in my app. I think there is no easy way to keep them evenly spread if you are going to change the page width while using only one repeating group.

You should use more than one repeating group to get a consistent margin. Otherwise just doing what is done in the linked editor will allow you to have only one repeating group.

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Thanks Boston. I hope Bubble will be able to fix this in the near future

Thanks! This is what i needed… looks like switching my Repeating Group from “vertical scrolling” to “Ext. Vertical Scrolling” and turning off “Fixed width” completely fixed the responsiveness issue on mobile :slight_smile:

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Thank you!