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Repeating group menu icons

I have created a repeating group for sidebar menu navigation links in a CRM system i am building. I did this to make the conditional formatting easier which it did. Issue I’m having now is i want different icons next to each menu text, if i add an icon to the repeating group it i dont know how to show a different icon based on the menu item, if i position the icon outside of the repeating group then it doesn’t have any of the conditional formatting i have applied to the RG. I have attached a screen shot showing how i want it to look above where the menu item has a blue background and then with the repeating group i have made below. so the button with blue background is how i want it to look, below you can see the repeating group below with the same icon next to each item.

I should be fine figuring out the conditional formatting etc for the colour change. I just cant figure out how to have different icons within the repeating group?

Also, the top example in the image where its basically doing what i want it to do is without the use of a repeating group with multiple conditional states and formatting which i am trying to get away from with the use of a repeating group.

any help appreciated

Use conditional formatting on the icon - when current cell is x then change icon


thanks, any ideas on this part. Ive got the conditional formatting to kick in for the background colour, issue is when i click on say another menu item the formatting remains on the previous one unless i click it again. When i click the next menu item i want the formatting to be removed from the previous one.


You should use custom states for that (I’d have a custom state on the menu group). Whenever a button is clicked, you change the custom state of the menu to a value that is equivalent to the value of that clicked button. For example - clicking “New claim” will change the custom state MENU to “New claim”.
For each button you add a conditional formatting that states that the background color changes whenever the custom state changes to the value of that button.

ok thanks…Im baffled, think i need to hit YouTube to learn a bit more about custom states

There’s a good tutorial for this by @gregjohnkeegan on Buildcamp. Check it out

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