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Menu option state/formatting

Is there any easy way to add menu option hover and clicked formatting to multiple menu items that you want to behave the same. So currently i have my side menu bar in a CRM i am designing with 5 page names to navigate to. when a specific navigation option is clicked i want the background to go a certain colour and font colour change etc, as you wold expect when you click a menu option in any app to give some indication that you are on the page you have clicked.

Currently i am creating a separate customer state for every single Menu item despite the formatting being the same.

Im having a similar issue with a group of option buttons i want to create, they should all have the same formatting when clicked but they should behave independent of each other, ie, when one is clicked it does not effect the other one. Again, i am creating a new custom state for every single button. i there a way to do this more efficiently.

Any help appreciated.

If you use an option set for your menu items, and then a use a RepeatingGroup to display them, you only need to set your conditional formatting once, on the elements inside the RG cell.

Otherwise, if you create each menu item separately, you’ll have to set all the conditional formatting separately for each menu item (although you can copy and past conditional formatting from one element to another to make it easier).

It really depends on what you’re trying to achieve (and what you’re trying to do with the selected ‘options’) as to how best to do things…

But from what you’ve described, having a custom state list is probably the easiest way to to things here - then you can add and remove the selected options to the list as they are clicked, and use conditionals based on whether the button’s thing is in that custom state list or not. That will make it easier to add those things to workflows as well.

Again, I’d generally recommend using an option set and a repeating group for this type of thing as it makes it much simpler and less work.

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Thanks, i cant figure out how to display each option across the repeating group. Repeating group is only allowing me to pull one option in, so every box ends up with the same options

Just select ‘All Options’ as the datasource for the RG.

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Thanks, that seems to be working great now to pull through the options and have the relevant formatting. Im now just trying to figure out how to make those options link back to the relevant pages. do i need to setup the page navigation links in the database level when creating the options?


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