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Repeating group not showing my data

Hello fellow Bubblers.

I’m currently prototyping an educational app. In this app students (Alunos) are grouped in… well… groups (Turmas).
Both Alunos and Turmas are Data Types. Alunos can have more than one “turma” (they can enroll in more than one course at the same time), so Alunos’ been built with a “Turmas” field, where they can belong to a list of turmas.

Right now I’m trying to make a repeating group that shows all of the students belonging to a specific turma. My page looks like this:

And the page settings are:

Type of content is “Turma” because the page shows other info (ID, etc) relating to the specific turma.
Inside this page there’s the repeating group in which I tried to get the students from. It’s configured as this:

The constraint is supposed to filter only students belonging to that specific group, but even if I remove that constraint data still doesn’t show

And the link element inside the repeating group that’s supposed to show the students in that group is set like this

Can anyone help me? My database has student data belonging to these “Turmas”, but it still doesn’t show anything.

Thanks in advance.