Retrieving only certain data within a repeating group


I have a very noob question.
In my database, I have a list of names. For each name there is a department that is associated (marketing, finance…)
If I only want to display the finance guys within the Repeating group, how do I do that ?
I don’t want to use an input box where the user filters data. I want this to appear automatically on the page…

Thanks a lot! I have been struggling with this for quite some time…

Hi there, @Crocobill… if I understand your question correctly, you just need to add a constraint to your repeating group’s data source. So, if your data source is a search for users, add a constraint to the search that looks something like department = finance, and then the search will only pull back users where that constraint is met. Make sense?

Hope this helps.


Hey Mike,

It works now. Thanks so much.
Sorry for the stupid question…

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No worries at all… happy to help. Oh, and your question definitely wasn’t stupid, but it is related to something fundamental to understanding Bubble. So, just food for thought… if you haven’t done the tutorials yet, definitely check them out because they are great for getting the fundamental concepts down so you can move on to banging your head against the wall on the next set of challenges. :slight_smile:

Welcome to Bubble!