Repeating group nr of columns

Question on repeating group. I have problems with showing all columns (it’s a horizontal repeating group). It used to work fine, but somehow it’s not anymore. The problem details are as follows:
I have around 30 columns, but only the first 7 are shown:

thease are setting for the RG:

When I set the RG to show 10 columns, it shows more (but it doesn’t look nice):


I used to have a scrollbar (horizontal) to look at all my 30 columns that are in the RG. I am sure the data there.

Does anyone have a clue?

Hi @arend
Maybe you can group every column in repeating & apply a row gap like this

Thanks for your suggestion @vajihahmed

I found out that once I make the RG a fixed width I have my scrollbar (horizontal) back and I am able to scroll to the right. The disadvantage of a fixed width is that with a wider screen, my RG stays small, I would like to see it stretch up. Would this somehow be possible?

Looks like a bug in RG Horizontal scrolling?
So whenever you say that the RG can be stretched if the page is wider, the actual RG is not streched with more columns.
So when I say, the RG has a fixed width: I do get a scroll bar to show the remaining items that can’t be shown.
When I see the RG doesn’t have a fixed width, but can be stretched if the page is wider, then the RG shows 1 column extra and the scrollbar is greyed out. I can’t scroll to see more data.
Anyone has an idea?

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