All NEW Horizontal Repeating Groups Broken

Help… All horizontal repeating groups that are now created are only 1 col no matter what you select. If you make it 4 col, it will be 1 UNLESS you use horizontal scrolling. This is not how RGS have responded in the past and its breaking everything. @josh

@ryan8 We are trying to reproduce this. Does this setup match yours? This is displaying 4 columns in runmode.

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other then fixed width which should not be needed if you have a dynamic width page. It does make 4 boxes in fixed width, but it all other modes it does not. In all my other apps, this is not set and it dynamically adds more or removes cols based on page width

In that app it works

@ryan8 If you uncheck ‘apply a max width’ in the responsive viewer, the RG expands to space available on page. Is this setting enabled in your app?


If i do that it just gets a little more narrow and does not fix itself at least in my app

@ryan8 Please submit a bug report

oaky i will do so thank you for responding

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