Repeating group paging


Is there any plans to implement Repeating Group paging in more native and user friendly way?
Now there are bunch of workarounds (icnluding weird formulas, states, etc) how to achieve that and I doubt they are working in a right way without wasting compute power.

I think this should be implement right away in to Bubble editor because Repeating Group is one of the things that makes Bubble a WAY far away from competitors.

Thank you.


Hello! Bumping this up as I am looking for a way to create a simple UX to browse by page. Does anybody know how to set the repeating group so that when i press next at page 3, it will go to page 4 of my repeating group of users??

Hey @loh.cher.e :wave:

Check it out: New "page number" state for repeating groups? - #3 by J805

I think this is what you are looking for.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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