Repeating group please help

Hey bubble community! I was wondering how do I make the repeating group ONLY SHOW RESULTS for a certain category text? (please see picture)

Like what do I do If I only want to see topic posts in the category FOOD

Right now it’s just showing all of the posts on all category but I want to limit it to just one. How do I do that? Your help is appreciated!! Looking forward for someone to reply

You need to add a constrain to your search (eg. Category = Food)


Thank you for replying! I played with the constrain like here in this picture. Whats the format/steps for it?

I tried doing “Category = food” but I don’t know how to input food

Appreciate you for replying mangooly! what should I do from there?

If the category is a text field, you just type in ‘Food’ exactly as you have it in your database. If you click just after the equal symbol but before the dropdown you can type the name there.

Got it! it works! Thank you for the help Mangooly. Still trying to study this platform. This is fun lol

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