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RepeatingGroup UI Help

In my (mobile) app, I have Data Type “Food Item” consisting of fields, “Name”, “Price” and “Category”

Is it possible to create something like this in Bubble using repeating groups? If so, should I structure my data differently?

This UI style just seems more intuitive than my current one. I currently have users select from a repeating group of categories which then sends them to another repeating group showing a list of items under selected category - Going back and forth can be tedious

Thanks in advance!

This is a case where you’d use nested repeating groups. Your outer repeating group would dictate the the category, then inside the cell, you’d place another repeating group for the specific food items. I think the way you have it set up now would allow you to do that.

I’d suggest taking a stab at it, sharing the link with the community, and asking for feedback if you need more help. We’re a friendly bunch!


Thanks for the quick reply!, I’ll definitely try that now