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Repeating Group Responsive From Mobile to Web

Stuck… I am designing this app for mobile and scaling up for web as far as being responsive. Zero issues so far except for the Repeating Group. Obviously for mobile I just want 1 row by 1 column and a Full List and it looks great on mobile, but with web, I have the Allow More than One Column When Stretched, but still just shows a 1x1 layout on web. Any idea why this wouldn’t work? Thanks!

It’s because you set the nr of columns to 1. You should probably consider designing this page for web first and adjusting stuff while you set the page to a lower width. It works better this way (at least in my experience), so web first and mobile after that.

F.i., if you set the page f.i. to a width of 1440px and the repeating group to five colums it will look like this:

When testing the page for smaller screens this is the efffect (which is probably close to what you want?):

Maybe it is an option to switch to the new responsive engine (see image below how to do that). It is easier to design for mobile first (but you should still consider to start with web and adjust for mobile) using the new engine.

  1. Goto Responsive


  1. Click on Upgrade… and follow the steps (make sure to make a backup of the page when it is proposed).


When you set the page to widht for UI builder 320:

And set up the repeating group like the image below it will resize well.