Repeating group scroll

Hi there,

I’m facing probably a very basic problem that I might need some help with.

I have a page that has 3 sections with the heights set up as follows:

  • Menu - min height 10%
  • Content - min height 80%
  • Footer - min height 10%

In the content section, I have a repeating group. The way the page is set up right now there are two scroll behaviors, one for the whole page, and one for the repeating group (as you can see in this video), which is very annoying. I would like to have only one scroll, ideally the one on the page.

I’m pretty sure I’m doing some basic mistake, and if anyone could help me see it, I’d be very grateful.

Let me know if you have any additional questions or if you need any other info, let me know.

Can you send a screenshot of your repeating group settings?

Yes, 100%

Try changing your max in the layout tab from 80% to inf

Nope. This happened.

I’m assuming something went wrong with your video clip upload?

The link isn’t clickable

Couple more things to check - is that group in a container that’s scrollable?
Does clicking ‘Show all items immediately’ do the trick?

Sorry, @paul2th. Something went wrong with the upload indeed.

I just checked and rechecked and:

  • nope, no group in a container that’s scrollable
  • nope, it doesn’t

Maybe I’m missing what you’re trying to achieve. With this picture, you just need to bring your footer bar to the front and then the RG scrolls behind it. Unless you don’t want it scrolling behind it in which case you need to deal with the secondary scroll bar

I think you do have a point. I brought the footer to front and I might be on the right path. What I do wonder is why is the content from the repeating group overflowing. Shouldn’t there be a way to have some space between the container of the repeating group & the footer. I know it’s hard to give your opinion without seeing all my settings, but just in case you might have seen something similar before.

Are you talking about having something like this? And then as you scroll, that cut off group becomes more and more visible?

I outlined the bottom group so you could see it a little better. If that’s what you’re looking for, you can just add some bottom padding to your content section (I’m pretty sure that should work but I didn’t test it out on my end. Overflowing RG’s can be a bit tricky sometimes). Getting that option to work is definitely doable but you’ll have to play around with the settings. of the RG. The less elegant way of achieving what you want (if you really can’t get the first option to work is to add another group in between content and footer which is the same colour background as your content section.

Thank you, @paul29 for giving me all these options. I’ll play around and see which one looks best!

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