Repeating Groups break SPA height

Hi everyone, this is driving me nuts. I have a SPA that uses a right window as the main scrolling window. Everything works fine if I need to scroll text, but as soon as I load in a repeating group the entire page basically stretches to the size of the repeating group., and so what were previously static elements now scroll to the new page height.

It seems like the repeating groups automatically expands the viewport event beyond the page limitations, so it doesn’t stay within what is supposed to be a scrollable group. I’ve been mucking around for this for days and even when I make every element smaller than the height, it still keep expanding the entire page viewport.

Make the RG fit height to content, then put it in a group and check “Allow scrolling when content overflows” and don’t let that group fit height to content. Then make sure all your parent groups don’t fit to content either so they stretch to viewport height

Yep I have done that. Should add that the RG is in Reusable element. There is a lot going on in terms of nesting groups, reusable, rgs, etc.
Structure is basically this.

I have tried setting all the heights to 50 per cent just to see if it makes a difference and nothing matters as soon as the RG loads in, the whole ‘page’ stretches to fit and I get a whitebackground that is even below the coloured page background.

And just to demonstrate what happens, even though the root page has a grey coloured background, I get a white area below that has stretched to reflect the height of the repeating group.

Okay you just triggered some PTSD because I forgot I have a spot that does exactly this and I haven’t been able to fix it…

Arggh, can’t even tell you how long I’ve worked on this app, and seems as I soon as I made the header extend to the left hand small side bar, and moved the main sidebar under it, it has somehow created this behaviour.

So problem fixed?? :smiley_cat: If not maybe make a sample app to submit a bug report

Strangely, I managed to get one repeating group to work properly, but others don’t. Guess I’ll try filing a bug

There are some paid plugins that do dynamic heights that would likely solve this issue.

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