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Repeating group sorting

I have a repeating group sorted by points (descending). These points can change if a user clicks “like”.

Issue is that the repeating group gets updated each time someone clicks “like”. Because of this the Users view of the repeating group changes every 5-20 seconds. Can I have the repeating group update only once a day or once in an hour? Or would you have any other solution?

If your likes are stored as a list of Like on the item, then you can try to sort by the count of likes that were created before the current time or before the time the user creates a new like.


Or have a “rank” field that is periodically updated ?

Or have two fields, points and point to be added. Periodically add the two and clear the latter. Display the sum on screen.

Or pull the data into a custom state and use that on your page.

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