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Repeating Group Refresh

I am back…with a little issue. I am setting up a repeating group where comments are shown. When I make a comment it shows up in the repeating group immediately. However the other party that is viewing it does not have it show up immediately, and has to refresh the page, taking them out of repeating group and back to the original page.

Please advise on how to have repeating group stay up to date for everyone without the need for a refresh.

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You will be wanting “Trigger a custom event when data changes” I think ??

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Never messed with those before? I can set it to refresh the repeating group for anybody viewing the same repeating group I just made a change to?

There are multiple things you can do,

If the problem is that they are taken out of the repeating group after refresh then you can add a new data, something like: Current User’s ‘opened-repeating-group’ set it to yes/no - and you turn it into “yes” when user opened the repeating group.
Now you can add Conditional formatting to that repeating group saying: When Current User’s opened-repeating-group is “yes” -> This element is visible X

In this case the repeating group will not disappear after refresh. But you want to make sure to change the opened-repeating-group to “no” when the user closes it.

That being said, the comments should show up without refresh, can you share a link so we can reproduce it?

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Actually I identified the issue. The comment is showing on other people’s comment boards, but it is not scrolling down like it is on my repeating group. How can I set it so when a repeating group is updated, the viewers all see their repeating group scroll to the newest comment?.

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Oh yeah, you want to set the sort by created date.

Go to the repeating groups source - click ‘search for’ - on the bottom there is a sort by section - select created date - descending “yes”

Now it will show the newest comment on the top.

Let me know how it goes.

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Ok I tried this. So what I have is an issue where I have the newest comment on the bottom since that is where the comment box goes. So when a new comment comes in it is sorted by date and then falls to the bottom of the repeating group. On my side when I take this action the repeating box automatically scrolls to the bottom as directed by workflow, which shows the newest comment. On another person participating the repaeating group will add the new comment but not scroll down. This leaves them unable to see a new comment until they scroll down and there it is. How do I prompt the repeating group to scroll down after a comment for everyone, not just the commenter?

I have tried numerous ways to get it to update and drop for everyone. None seem to be working. Probably a bug.

Here is an idea for workflows:

  • When page is loaded (page with repeating group) set state of current user (View time = Current date/time (“view time” will be manually typed in by you))


  • Do every X seconds, and when Do a search for Comments Creation date > Current Users “View Time” / Scroll to entry of repeating group Y

So Y could be the most recent comment that the user has not seen (its up to you) or Y could just be :first item

If you want it to effect all users - the Do every X seconds workflow is likely necessary, because the way it sounds that you have it now - posting a comment and loading the page will go to the most recent comment - and those are both workflows.
But users who are already on the page - if they do not trigger a workflow, then the repeating group will not scroll


I like this idea. I am experimenting with it now. Thanks!!

Thinking of this in terms of worklows as you suggested worked very well. I just had to find a way to make the other user trigger a workflow, in this case an updated button. However I am wondering if at some point we will be able to push out something in such a way that it could trigger a limited number of workflow actions, such as in this example. I am sure it is a security hazard though.


Ah yes, an update button is a good idea! Nicely done

Not sure about the limited workflow action; they may introduce a feature like that in the future.

I see what you are saying though: a use case might be something like:
When this group is visible - "this workflow (do every x seconds) occurs a Maximum of Y times

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Yes exactly. The problem I was having with the time update was that when I was reading previous comments the time workflow action would scroll me back to the bottom of the page.

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Right! I didn’t even think of that… :smile:
Glad to hear it’s working for you