Repeating Group styles - 'Separator' getting in the way

I have set up a repeating group with some styles, but I have an issue.
I want each of the rows that load, to render as a rounded edge rectangle. Cool, no problem!

Oh wait, my rows don’t render as singular entries, rather a list with the option to set a separator to distinguish each entry.

So what do I do to ensure each of my rows renders as it’s own rounded rectangle, that I can apply it’s own shadow to?
Should I be looking at an element other than a RG that can visualize my data in rounded rectangle wrappers?

Here is a screenshot of what I have at the moment:
As you can see, my ‘Separato’ is causing joining edges to be flat.

Group the elements inside the cell and style that group instead of the repeating group.


Perfect! Thank you!

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