Repeating group trying to organize by user rank

I have a repeating group which I use as my member list. Currently it only sorts it by alphabetical order, that’s great but I’ve been trying to add a function to sort by rank if a member chooses to. I’ve been completely lost and have come to multiple dead ends. The ranks are made a different yes/no for each member, they can only have one. Any help?

Hey Savagekinds50!

You’re best bet is to have a conditional statement on the repeating group!

For example, have Dropdown A’s list of options:

  • Alphabetical
  • Points
    Such as:

Then, on the Repeating Group, set up your “default” view.

Great! Now you need to simply create some conditionals.

Now, create the conditional!

And just keep going from there.

Here is a link to the live: Your Bubble app

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Hope this helps,
Drake Dussault
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