Custom states for repeating group and saving big form in single workflow

Hello All,
I am developing an app in that I have a very big form with many validations and dependency’s. I am very happy that using bubble I developed this app in 4-5 days. is a awesome platform.

I am facing one issue. Kindly check attached GIF file.
This form is kind of master detail relationship in traditional language. Like one invoice number has multiple products in it.
I am saving multiple products in separate data type and main Invoice is save in separate data type.

Everything is working fine. Only when I click green button workflow save all information in database and one repeating group show the saved product in list (gives clear understanding to user that this product is added in list) and reset input and autofocus on products first input value for adding new product which I want to happen .

Issue is this process takes around 3 to 4 seconds of time. I want it very quick and for that want to use custom states (something like instead of saving each product every time I’ll store all information in custom state and In final invoice save button I’ll save both invoice and all the products added in it at one time) but don’t know to do it in bubble. Kindly help me. do check GIF for more understanding.


Anyone? I really need help…

Hey @shinde.atul002

Yeah this is not too straighforward. Frankly waiting a second or two is not the worst and you should consider the cost / benefit of going down this rabbit hole. You could just work to improve the UX at this step by including a loading animation or something else to tell the user the item is being created. But if you must have instant results I’d suggest trying out some of the ideas in this thread:

[Challenge] - Create a new Repeating group row without database - Need help / Database - Bubble Forum

Also, this video takes you through an approach to add rows to a repeating group without creating a new thing. It will take a bit of doing to set it up but I think it can work in your case. However, once the user has put in the new lines, you will need a workflow to create the new database things , for which you would need to be able to access that newly created data from outside of the RG. Something like BDK’s ReapeatingGroup Tools may be required.


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