Repeating Group With Input

Well Ive gotten a bit further along here and I think ive figured out what i am trying to do there…

But heres an add on question… Lets see if we can follow along here:

  • I have a repeating group
  • The main content of the repeating group is populated from an API call
  • This mean that the repeating groups may agave any # of rows at any given time (and every row can have dynamic information within it)
  • In that repeating group, I also have an input

Being that I have any number of inputs in that repeating group that I need to somehow collect and organize to be able to submit that information via API call to my back end.

How can I collect any number of inputs from that repeating group in bulk and submit them from the API connector? I only see the ability to set fixed parameters and map them with inputs directly (which we know we can use because there can be any # of inputs from the repeating group at anytime)…

Thanks - Jon

Anyone? There essentially needs to be the ability to have a dynamic number of parameters on every API call - which I am submitting a form with the API call.