Create a dynamic repeating group based on responses from 3 different arrays

Hi everyone! I am using API connector to get response from my API provider. My response for a particular API consists of an object that has 3 different arrays.

Array 1 = [{
id: 001,
name: xxx
id: 002,
name: yyy

My second array is similar to the first array but has different other properties like value etc. But both have name and id properties. The 3rd array is the association of the above mentioned two arrays. It’s structure will look like

Array3 = [{
id: 00x,
array1Id: 001,
array2Id: aaa,
status: PASS | FAIL

What I need to construct is similar to a matrix. Like a table, top headers will be list of the array2’s names and left header will be list of array1’s names. The center part of the table should be like a mapping (like 1st item in the table will have array1’s first item’s and array2’s first item’s status)

H 1 H 2 H 3

Please help!!! Very Urgent. Thanks in advance :slight_smile: @emmanuel @keith


In a workflow:
Step 1: Your call above
Step 2: Schedule API Workflow on a list (taking items from Step 1)

In backend workflows, setup your API workflow so that it creates unique items and saves them to your DB

You can then put that data as unique elements in a RG

Can you please be more elaborative?

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