Repeating Group with list of things

i am trying to build a basic custom crm .
So this is how my database is setup

i have these 2 data types

  1. Customer
  2. Booking

I have connected the Customer Data type with booking data type using a list of booking field as one Customer can have multiple booking .

i have this built a page to show and search customer records in a repeating group

Pop up for customer booking

Upon clicking the eye icon i would like the current cell customer booking information to show on pop up with all the booking under that customer unique id .

i have passed the data to the popup as well .

No data is being displayed in the Bookings repeating Group . Please help me out here and let me know what am i doing wrong and how i can achieve my final result .

and is my database structure okey for this ?

@Shubi The structure looks fine to me. Have you populated sample data to show in the App Data tab?

yes, i did

Booking data type

Customer Data type

As for your problem, see your privacy rules, maybe they are not hiding your customer data.

Secondly just a suggestion. don’t link your bookings to the customer, rather link a customer to a booking, it reduces the data size when you search.

because, each booking will only have one customer, on the flip side, one customer can have many bookings.

we call it one-to-one linking, rather than many-to-one which would make your database bulky.

thanks baloshi69 for your quick reply , i have taken your advice and one to one linking.
i am also able to make it work with a Do a search for expression and pull the data on my booking pop up.

Glad i was able to help, remember community is always happy to help. :wink: