Displaying list of data type in a repeating group

Hey everyone,

I’m building my first webapp in Bubble and so far I’m really enjoying it and love the potential this has.

However, I’m a bit stuck. I’ve spent hours trying to get it done, watch YT videos and browse this forum for answers but I’ve yet to find anything so I figured I would finally ask for help…

I’m trying to build a ‘Bookmark’ ability into my Bubble app whereby a User clicks a Bookmark button and that saves the details of that current row in a repeating group into the Database, which then displays in another repeating group on a different page.

I have two data types:
User (Name, Email, User-Bookmarks)
UGC creator (Name, Email, Portfolio URL, Location, etc)

I’ve structured it so that ‘User-Bookmarks’ is a ‘List of UGC creators’.
(Not sure this is right for what I’m trying to achieve)

I have built one page called ‘Results’ and another page called ‘My Account’.

On the ‘Results’ page I have a Repeating Group which contains the ‘UGC Creator’ content (Name, Email, Portfolio URL, Location, etc) and the ‘Bookmark’ button. I have setup the workflow for the ‘Bookmark’ button like this:

When I look in the Database App Data I can see that it works, but it seems to save the repeating group row data as a Unique ID (not sure if this is okay):

On the ‘My Account’ page I have then built a Repeating Group where I’m trying to display the ‘User-Bookmarks’ data (basically the bookmarked UGC creators data) but this is where I’m having issues.

So far I have managed to display the ‘User-Bookmarks’ in the repeating group but I can only get them to display with ‘each items…’ (see image below) which puts everything in one row, i.e. When two UGC creators are bookmarked, instead of having 2 rows of data, it puts everything in one row. I’m thinking I might have just set the data source wrong for the Repeating Group but I’m so confused.

I’ve currently got a group in the repeating group and I’ve set them up as follows:

I hope I’ve provided enough information for this to be a straightforward answer. Any help I can get is massively appreciated.

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That’s just what it shows in the data tab (although you can change it to show any other field)… it’s just for display purposes… it’s actually saved the UGC Creator, not any specific field from it.

Don’t do a search for your RG datasource (that defeats the purpose of having a list field on the User datatype)…

Just use the Current User’s User Bookmarks for the RG datasource.

Then, whatever data you want to display inside the cell, just refer to the Current Cell’s User.

Hey @ [adamhholmes]

Thanks for your response!

It doesn’t seem to let me set the RG to Current User’s User Bookmarks? What could be the reason for that? It says something about the data should be ‘ugc-creator’?




The datasource type has to match the RG content type…

I had assumed (incorrectly) you were storing a list of Users on the User datatype, but it looks like you’ve created a separate datatype for the bookmark… so set the RG content type to that datatype.

I’ve tried the other content type (see image below) but I’m still getting ‘each items Name’ in the dynamic text, no choice for just ‘Name’ (see other image below).


I’ve just got this and now it’s showing just the one name at a time, but how can I change it so that it just shows ‘Name’ and not ‘first item’?



It’s not entirely clear what you’re trying to do… but surely inside the RG you just want to refer to the current cell’s thing, no? (not the first item from the user’s list…)

That’s right, I just want to refer to Current User’s User-Bookmarks data, e.g. as User-Bookmarks is a list of ‘UGC Creators’ (Portfolio URL, Name, Email, Location, etc) I want to select Current User’s User-Bookmarks Portfolio URL.

Problem is, I’m not seeing that in the dropdown, I only see this…

no, no… you want to refer to the current cell’s UGC Creator (not the current user’s list of User Bookmarks)

Adam, you’re a hero!! Thank you sir! I had to change like 2 different data sources and set to parent group but I got it in the end.

Just for clarification so I can get a better understanding, because I’m a little confused here why it worked?

This is what got it to work. Maybe it was a little more confusing because I had a group in a repeating group…

Just for clarification so I can get a better understanding, because I’m a little confused here why it worked?

Your RG is set to display a list of ‘UGC-Creators’… that list being the Current User’s User Bookmarks…

Therefore, each cell in the RG will contain the data for one of the UGC-Creators in that list.

The group inside the cell, which has a content type of UGC-Creator, holds the data for the specific UGC-Creator of the current cell…

And then your text element is displaying the Name of the UGC-Creator of the parent Group (which is the UGC-Creator of the current cell).

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