Repeating group with text don't go into API Open AI

Hi !

To summarize my problem, I managed to create a “Repeating Group” with text inside divided into several lines. My goal is to take the first line of the repeating group’s text and send it to ChatGPT’s API, then do it with the second, third… line and so one.

It works when I have Text element but it DOESN’T work with text inside a repeating group.

Thanks in advance !

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By default, you cannot use the information inside the repeating group outside of it, except with the help of plugins.

In fact, you should try to create what you create in repeating group without repeating group. According to your data type, which is text, you can achieve your goal by using “format as text”.

Thank you. Do you know any name of theses Plugins?

Otherwise what solution would you advise? (we have to display the text in different lign, otherwise the text for chatgpt will be too long)

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You’re welcome :star_struck:

Do you want to convert a long text into list of texts?

Why don’t you use split?

Yes we thought about it but the issue is that we want to send each “splitted text” to the API ChatGPT thanks to a loop to analyze the whole initial text and we can’t figure this out

Have you tried using backend workflows?

In the backend, a workflow can be executed on the list.