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Repeating Group within Repeating Group

Hello, I am new to Bubble and have trouble searching for parent repeater group attributes from children repeating group cell.

Lets say I have two things:
Task (Task Name) - for example 2 tasks (Play Guitar, Watch TV)
Step (Step Name) - for example 3 steps (Begin, Do, Finish) - common for any task, every task has the same set of steps.

I create repeating group within repeating group. Outer shows thing Task, inner shows thing Step (all set of steps not filtered by task):

I want to show TaskName and StepName in every cell.

I am not able to read the name of Task from the inner repeating group cell (Step). I cannot see any parent attribute, only curent cells attributes:

Could you help me, how to do it?


@vlastak this might help Nested (embedded) repeating groups

Thanks raymond but I have different example.

My things Task and Step have no relationship. I use carhesian product and in this case I am not able to reach parents attributes. Is there any way, how to do it in this way?


I created shared app to show the sample:

I’m traveling at the moment. On my mobile. I’ll have a look next week