Problem: Repeating group within a thing displaying all entries from all things

Hi all,

Thanks in advance for your support! I’ve spent quite a lot of time in bubble, yet I feel like I’m making a simple error that I just can’t resolve.

The problem is basic: I have a repeating group within a thing. I want it to display “stuff” from that current “thing.” Right now my data source is “search for things,” which quite literally shows “stuff” from all “things.” How can I make this repeating group only show “stuff” unique to the current thing?

Let me know if you need more clarification. Thanks again!

The repeating group type should be Entry and the source should be Current Thing’s Entries. You basically need to filter down the source list so that only entries from the Current Thing are displayed. Your issue may be that you’re not identifying the Current Thing properly… this can be done a few ways, but need a bit more info about how your page structure is set up. Is left box page 1 and right box page 2?

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Thanks for the reply Gaby! Correct — left is page 1, right is page 2.

I’ve made the bubble temporarily public and editable, as I may not be able to fully explain:

The page with the repeating group in question is app_content. It aggregates data from all of the same “thing” currently.

Looking at your structure. Is each app data supposed to have a list of questions, where each question has a list of answer options?

App Data

  • Title (text)
  • List of Questions (Questions, list)


  • Question Title (text)
  • Answer Option 1 (text)
  • Answer Option 2 (text)
  • App Data (App Data)

If so, the RG on app_data page should be set to type = Questions, source = Current Page’s App Data’s List of Questions. Then, each cell will contain “Current Cell’s Questions Title”, etc. This means you need to create another data type for Question. I can continue modifying this sample app, but just want to confirm the structure first.

Thanks for the prompt response!! Yes, your thinking is aligned with what I’m trying to achieve.

I had actually created a new data type just for the questions at one point, but hit a wall when the repeating group still showed an aggregate of all the questions from every app. I did almost exactly what you’re referring to at the end of your reply to no avail :confused:

Ok, check out the structure change I made. I created a new Question type so that when you create a new Question, it creates a record just for that and then adds it to the Current Page App Data’s List of Questions. The repeating group is now that list. You’ll need to adjust some of your editing workflows so that you’re modifying the current cell Question now, but I got it going for you. Let me know if you have any questions.

Study the workflow from the index page beginning with the View button. When that is clicked, you send the user to the app_data page AND you send that cell’s app data Thing to the page. Then look at what happens when you add a question.

Thank you so much Gaby!!

This works beautifully. I’ve studied your workflow and after adding a new data type, I noticed the additions of “Make changes to app_data,” where you defined “List of Questions.” You then fed the data into the repeating group, selected the newly created data type “Question” and assigned the data source to the current page’s list of questions. Even after creating a new data type, this is the part that would have kept missing.

Thanks for teaching me something new!! :smile: I carefully reproduced your logic in another bubble successfully.

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