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Repeating Group Wrap Element Content

Hi, all! I’m using the new Responsive Engine. What I’m trying to achieve here is similar to bubble forum’s homepage wherein the Topic Column is the only element that wraps its content when window is resized. Any tips on how can I replicate this in my app?
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You must combine column group with row group.

First, create a group (or a page) on which the container layout is column. After that, you put inside it a group managed by row; in this inherited group, you put your elements.

In this way you can have the same effect.

Try for a while to understand how to have the full control you need.

I have tried but the text element just goes to the next line instead of its content to wrap down.

You must set a min width in px

I have set it with min width but still the same.
I have the:

  • Page Set to column
  • Group Container Set To Column
  • Inside Group Container Repeating Group Set to Row
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