Repeating group's List Items not showing up

Hi all,

I followed a nice tutorial to help me add list items to invoices but I am hitting a small issue.

I have a group called create-invoice where new line items can be added. The items add OK, but the repeating group is not displaying the results?

Here’s my site How to dynamically add and remove items from a repeating group in - YouTube

Check privacy rules

Check if you have selected good Data Type and implemented Data source.

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No issues there. It is set as default so everyone can view everything.

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘good data’. The data source is set to the page’s custom state LineItem.

Can you share a screenshot ?

I posted a link to the actual website above, did you see it?

You shared a youtube video :wink:

Oh I’m so sorry, how silly!

Well, I think I have found the reason List Item’s were not showing and I actually believe it’s an anomaly within Bubble.

On my site, a user can input a description and price then click ‘Add’ (invoice line items). I just wanted the inputs to display as Text fields beneath after the user clicks ‘Add’.

I was trying to get the repeating group to refer to Parent Group's [custom state] but Bubble didn’t give the option for the custom state. I thought that was strange. But when I type the group name first, I can then refer to the custom state.

I have no idea why this, I actually posted a separate post on this. I wouldn’t usually post in multiple threads but I thought this was a different issue initially.

Here’s an example, you can refer to the page first create-invoice and you are fine, the custom state is found;

However, if you try and search with the Parent Group, it won’t find the custom state.

That’s sound normal. The custom state is on the page and not on the RG.

I am not referring to a repeating group. Remember, this is a single page app so the custom state is on the main ‘group’, which I have named create-invoice. So the Parent group is the exact same group create-invoice. Logically I should be able to refer to either the Parent group or create-invoice (they are identical).

‘Parent Group’ only lets you refer to the parent group’s thing (if it has one) - it’s not used for referring to custom states.

Ok, that now makes sense! Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile: