Repeating group, separate items from a custom state list

I have a custom state on my page which is a list of text.
I have a repeating group and its Data source is the pages Custom state, inside the RG is a text element to show the whats in the custom state list.

After adding items to the state the RG would show:

Is it possible to separate these list items into their own cell like the example below and how would I do it?

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Got it I needed to put in Current cell’s text :grinning: So simple I missed it and tried to put in the pages custom state / state name which was giving the list instead of individual items :stuck_out_tongue: .

I am trying to do the same. Are the items in your custom state populated from the things in you database or is manually populated.

I am trying to create invoice lines in memory (custom state) which would be presented in a TG like:

Product | Quantity | Price
Batteries | 3 | 4.45
Scissors | 1 | 5.34

Is this possible?


I don’t remember but I did work an an inventory type of system and here’s a brief rundown of what I did:

In the database I had Type product/Service with Fields: Description (text), Name (text), Quantity (number), Total (number), etc…

Create a form with inputs that would map to the fields above with a button that when clicked would add that to the database.

You’ll also need a custom state “invoice-items” (named however you like) which would also be mapped to the database Product/service and check the List box of the custom state.

When you click on the add button for the workflow:

Step 1 Data create a new thing: Product/Service and map all of the fields from all of the inputs from the form you created.

In Step 2 Set state Element (page or where ever you put it) select the custom state from the drop down, the value would then be:
page name (or wherever you put it) invoice-items (name of the custom state) :plus item Results of step 1 (create a new product).

Also if you want the invoice numbered, you can use a text box and use a dynamic expression Current cell’s index

I’m not at home at the moment so I couldn’t create any fancy graphics. Please let me know if you need more input, Im sure this will do what you need :slight_smile:

Yes I understand. I was trying to do it without creating records in the database. The custom state I am using creates string of json objects for each invoice line. Using regular expression I can fetch each key-value and place in the corresponding cells in the RG. Still a bit cumbersome and I would like to have a more no-code/no-script kind of way.