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Repeating groups on a personal page

Hello. I’m building a marketplace and I have a issue. I’d like to create a Twitter-like writing form on my personal page. I tried to make a personal form using repeating groups, but somehow it ended up being common with the forms on other user pages. How do I use repeating groups on a page dedicated to that person? It seems to not me possible.

Hey @shota

Could you elaborate on that? Maybe describe your use-case?


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I think what you’re trying to accomplish is described here:

I highly recommend you review over this section:

If you can’t find your answer, I recommend trying to be more specific. Hope this helps!

Thanks for replying. I have created a marketplace and a dedicated page for each brand. Currently, you can go to each brand’s profile page from the brand list. And ideally, I’d like to see brands add some photos to their brand profiles so that you can click on them to go to the details page. The important thing is that it should be a page for each brand.

I used the parameters and unique id to make the profiles displayed individually. But I can’t use repeating groups on the individual pages. That makes it impossible to create something to add a photo to. This is what bothers me.