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Repeating workflow X times


I’m trying to create several Things (Y 1, 2, 3 etc), based on information contained in one Thing (X).

Thing X contains a List of Users, and I want to create a Thing for each of these users. The number might vary, so it needs to be based on the :count of these.

What I’m having trouble with is to set up the workflow to create an array of Things. Is there some way to repeat a workflow X number of times?

One approach is to use a custom trigger and then use the schedule custom trigger to call itself several times.

I used this approach when pre-populating repeat events on a calendar between two dates.

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Thanks Dave! I’m guessing this will solve it! Is there any chance to have a look at the editor to see how the workflows are set up?

Yes of course, it is here.

You can always check any app to see if it is available to see in the editor by replacing the app name from the subdomain to the id field in the standard editor URL. :wink:

Oh, and you cannot call a custom trigger from itself, that craps the app out with stack overflows, that is why you need to schedule the custom trigger to call itself and set an appropriate delay. for the calendar demo I simply used 1 second. You need to create 2 clones of the workflow and it switches back and forth between these two paths.

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I see, thanks again :slight_smile: checking it out right now!

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