RepeatingGroup is scrollable you cannot go to a different series

What is this supposed to mean? I may be tremendously ignorant, but this message seems very unclear. I’m also not trying to go to a different anything, so not sure why a different series is being mentioned? And what does scrollable have to do with any of it when there is no scrolling involved?

I’m trying to use a workflow to make a pop-up image iterate through images from an RG. The pop-up and the RG have the same data source.

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I never received this message. Can you make a video or share some images of what is going on?

It feels like f*ckery to me.

I’m using a workflow to iterate through a list of images. Screen shot below.

Right now I’m trying to just put the repeating group in the popup as well to see if that resolves it.

I suppose this is happening because your RG is programed to show all items. To use RG pagination, you need to limit the amount of items displayed by it.


If you have 100 items in your RG and limit the exhibition by 10, you will create a pagination, allowing you to show the next or previous page. Each page will have 10 items. 10 pages total.

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I don’t know now, because I deleted it before you commented, and then just threw it back on without adjusting anything.

Are you saying “go to next item” is considered “pagination”?

I’m not using a pagination command.

I’m using the workflow > element actions > show next of repeating group.

That’s why it’s confusing to see error messages about pagination.

And, as for the RG parameters, see below, it’s not set to show all.

Yes. :+1:

The command “Go to Next item” is actually the command to load the next items of your repeating group. But in order to have “next items” to be shown you need to limit the exhibition of rows. Otherwise, all items will be displayed at once and you won’t have “extra items” to be showed.

If you limit the amount of rows by 5, it will load the next 5 rows… If you limit the amount of rows by 10, it will load the next 10 rows.

Your need to check “Set fixed numver of rows” to make it work.

I’m just giving up on this for now. I had intended to build something that looks better than the magic slideshow, and also allows users to zoom on mobile, but I’m past cooked. Thanks for your time and your help homie.

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