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Show next item in repeating group on popup/group

Hello I need help with some final touches on my app.

I am sharing some data from a repeating group to show in a popup on the same page.

Once I click the picture in the repeating group the popup opens.

The data from the repeating group is showing, however I am having a hard time scrolling to the next element in the repeating group without leaving the popup.

Can someone share with me how I can scroll through the data strictly on the popup.


Please, would it be possible you share some screenshots?

It would be great if you could provide more information about what you’re building, for us to understand if you need to scroll through the data using the pop-up. If the content of the pop-up is from a workflow triggered when a cell in the RG is clicked, you’ll need a custom state or workflow to show the next item.

@mateusproto @tobigbemisola I am building a social platform. The data that I am sending from the repeating group to the group is HTML code.

When the item in the repeating group is pressed it shows on the group. Here is an example from the preview mode and workflow.

What I would like for the system to do next is to scroll to the next item in the repeating group when the arrow is pressed after the user is done.

I hope that explains the issue. Ive tried almost everything I know including show next workflow in repeating group when the arrow is pressed but nothing works.

Please send suggestions on routes to take.


I don’t know if you’ve tried this, but what I would do is here:

I hope this helps!

@mateusproto I tried this but i think i know what the issue is but not sure how to do it.I tried what you told me and nothing happens when i press the next button.

The data in the repeating group is Post content. The data that displays in the popup is the HTML code that’s tied to the same post.

Do you believe its not going to the next post because the data is not tied to the HTML code but only the post’s content?

The post is being uploaded here where we upload a picture and the code

Please let me know if this could be my issue.

Everything works but the next button

I think you are right and almost there!

In my example I used an image, but on your side you can replace the image element with an HTML element and dynamically insert the code into this HTML.

If you want, please, send some screenshot of the elements in the popup?

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Hey @mateusproto great news I got it working! Thanks so much. I’ve encountered another issue though while trying to complete it. Once i got it working I split up two repeating groups to feed data to the popup.

If I filter the data it still shows the same data in the popup despite the image clicked because of the Index.

Also even when i filter the data in the popup to the specific group it scrolls through all of the posts and not the once i have filtered on the repeating group.

Sorry for continuing to bother you I know I’m almost there. Please help if you can.


I have a few minutes now, would you please send me a direct message with the link to view your editor?

Maybe I can help you better.

The missing piece was, after clicking on the post from the first repeating group, we need to use this repeating group as the data source for the repeating group in the popup:

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