RepeatingGroup spacing

Hello there,

Please, I’d like to know how do I change the spacing between elements in a RepeatingGroup table like shown in red in the screenshot below

Hi there, @yacinechaouche… what do the settings on the Layout tab look like? Have you tried playing around with the padding?


@yacinechaouche I like to use a separator for this and set the color’s opacity to 0%


Did @oliviercoolen tip help? That is exactly how I do that too

Hello all,

@mikeloc here’s the layout tab

There are no padding settings for this parent element.

I don’t know how to add a separator.
Searched separator in elements tree,
nothing found.

Did you mean I should add something like a wrapper div or anyhing similar?

Just curious… what are the layout settings of the group within the repeating group?

Also, do you need to have the width of the repeating group fixed at 1000px? Try setting fitting the width to content and see if that helps.

@mikeloc here’s an album showing what settings produce what layout

You only have one thing in your repeating group, so you can’t really tell what the spacing looks like. Try having more than one thing and also try removing the minimum width of 1000px. In short, play around with the responsive settings to get it to look the way you want.

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