Repeating group: spacing between items

Hi all,

I’m looking for something really simple, but can’t find it:
How do I set the gutter-width between items (row and/or column) in a repeating group?

I don’t want to use margins on the item elements themselves for this, as this would use unneeded space in total width (before/after first/last item).

So i want:
item |gutter| item |gutter| item

|margin-L| item |margin-R - margin-L| item |margin-R - margin-L| item |margin-R |

Awesome if someone could point me in the right direction!




It’s called the Separator, and it’s found on the Appearance tab. To make it invisible, just set the color to transparent.

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Hi Sudsy,

Had to look a bit further before I realised it is tucked away in the apearance-tab of the element styling, not the element itself.
Found it however. :slight_smile: