Replicate web format & saved data on another iOS / Android application

How do you do this? Thank you

I also need to use the data on another native app.

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Any recommendations to do so?

Not yet, still searching

Isn’t this what Bubble’s API is for? On the paid tiers, you have access to your workflows and data by exposing an API. I would imagine this gets you what you need, unless there’s something specific not handled by this. What’s your specific use case?


I recon it will. I haven’t tried it yet. I’ve got a client insists on having an Android app with his web & mobile apps.

I haven’t attempted it yet, but I’m using Neonto Proto Studio for app development and planned on using the Bubble API to connect it all together. It’s a pretty sweet tool, but not quite as user friendly as Bubble. In the absence of native app tools, Neonto is filling in nicely.

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Thanks. Will look into it. Let us know how it goes.

@emmanuel or @NigelG Any thoughts on how to integrate data sets across two applications (web & mobile)? Thank you

So I would imagine your mobile app could call the Bubble APIs to get the data, and invoke workflows.

Logging a user on to both apps (single sign on) might be interesting.

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A login workflow returns a token that can be used to authenticate the user

See Create sign up / login api workflows


Thank you emmanuel. Being that I’m building for merchants, users, and an application sharing the feed offered through the merchants, is that logical to build a seperate merchant one, user web, and an application framework compiled through Bubble’s API? Thank you so much.

If you to convert iOS app to android you will be interested in this