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Share database of one bubble app with other bubble apps

Dear bubble team

Is it possible to share a database of one bubble app with other bubble apps?

My app is getting bigger and bigger. It would be much easier and clear if I could create an app for each userrole sharing for example the same userdatabase. Is that possible?

Example: We are a professional school with pupils, students, teachers, trainers, companys, etc. I would like to create an app for pupils, an app for students, an app for the school administration, etc.
Creating one app for all of them is getting unclear. Instead it would be great to have an app with an backend database with users, etc. where all the other apps can have access to.

We don’t support that yet, right now, the best approach is to have more pages on the same app. That actually doesn’t make that big of a difference, just need clear page names.

I’m building a web based platform but also want to build a native mobile app that should have access to the web based platform’s data.

Is it possible to build a native app within the same app as a new page?

You can create a new page and make it a native app. It’s only for iOS for now, and this is still in beta (we’ll push more there in early 2016, that’s definitely on the roadmap). Then since it’s in the same bubble app, it’s the same db.

Another option (quite soon): we’re working on an API that will enable you to trigger a workflow with an API call (a little bit like parse, but more visual since you’d be running workflows built in the editor). Then, you’ll be able to read data, sign user up, create things, etc. We’re working on it right now, that should be there in a few weeks. That requires you to use Swift, Java or objective C, but will be a way to be connected to the same database.

If I build it as a new page, how can I publish it in the store? Am I able to download an IPA file that uses only specific pages?

At this stage, we’ll do this manually with you, but yes, you can package a page into a ipa file with Adobe Phonegap Build. If you try to Bubble app in the appstore (search for Bubble Account) you see how it is (again, this is in beta so not everything will work perfectly).

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Hi Emmanuel,

If I have a single-page app that’s designed w/responsive for iPhone browsers, what’s the best way to send this info to you guys for manual packaging into an iPhone app?


You send us an email with the appname and page name and we send you something you can use with phonegap buid. Some others have used other options, like with success as well.

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