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Repository For Bubble Elements To Make Life Faster And Reduce Forum Support

It would be cool if there was an organized repository on Bubble that could be populated by Bubble users similar to how Plugins are populated that is searchable and would allow people to search based on Tags and find a snippet of workflows, or a snippet of design elements (like an accordian FAQ, or tabs, or whatever…) and be able to copy and paste it into your app and go from there.

This is instead of re inventing the wheel each time with each user, the user can learn by example, which, most often than not happens in the forum anyway, but just takes time and is inconsistent/convienient.

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just cool idea you need. i dont know. :worried:

This was the idea behind …


Very cool!

I have a feeling this is coming soon with the Element Marketplace. I think @emmanuel mentioned something like this when introducing the Plugins.

And it would likely be some type of addition to this part of the editor (Click to view large version of pic)

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